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How We Do Things

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Our design department has grown three fold since inception. Our response to the needs of our new and existing clientele allows us the inside track on our print clients wishes. Our extensive experience only adds to the relationship while enhancing your design and final printed project.

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Marketing Concepts/Branding

There is no need for useless worry and delays in an instant reaction world when Quantum manages your project with you and your team! Why convolute the process and compromise a positive result by having a number of suppliers attempt to achieve some measure of success when we can control and guarantee results together!

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Our professional prepress team reacts quickly and effectively by pre-flighting your files for imperfections. They will immediately report any issues in advance of the proofing stage to ensure a smooth and cost effective workflow. Also, we are more than happy to work with your team to correct any issues that may arise rather than delay completion of what is often a time sensitive project.

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Unique is a definition Quantum cannot seem to escape! Not that we want to! Our "Closed Loop" manufacturing facility is just that.

This "Closed Loop" environment enables us to conceive, design, build, print, bind, diecut, UV coat, thermo and also package just about any product possible in the confines of our facility, thereby ensuring total quality control!

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The term "Fulfillment" has taken on a new meaning at Quantum. Actually, the true meaning! We have taken this often loose term and tightened it up to truly fulfill your needs. By investigating your complete fulfillment needs we are able to tailor make a flawless system of ordering and inventory control that is unparalleled.

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As Smart Mail Partners, Quantum will walk you through any distribution challenge you have. Our mail specialists will take you to the next level with enhanced demographic positioning and our production crew will ensure your mail is effectively processed - both Canadian and American.

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Promotional Products

Early on in our existence we realized a natural fit to our print and fulfillment businesses - promotional products! We first started out as a conduit for a few of our existing clients - soon this line of business grew to the point where it was considered another important component in our ever expanding portfolio.

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Quantum Graphics & Consulting
349 Elgin Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0K4

Quantum Plant
358 Ross Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3A 0L4

Quantum Warehouse
191 Ellen Street Winnipeg, MB R3A 1A4